Creating and incorporating moving image / video with Adobe After effects & Adobe XD

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In the world, all objects have the potential to move with enough force. Even objects typically considered immovable, like leaves or branches, can be carried by the wind. Movement is often overlooked in our daily lives, but when we encounter a poorly executed moving graphic on a website, we immediately recognize that something is amiss. Motion graphic designers are the skilled professionals responsible for creating moving images in various mediums, such as commercial graphics, app interfaces, and interactive website features. Breaking into this field can be challenging, but with a strong understanding of movement principles and the appropriate software, one can begin crafting their own motion graphic designs. Motion design, a subfield of graphic design, combines the fundamental principles of filmmaking with static images to produce animations and dynamic visual effects.

Motion design is a subfield of graphic design that combines filmmaking principles with static images to create animations and moving visual effects. Unlike animation, motion graphics typically do not follow a fixed storyline and often involve repetitive movements or looping motions. Moving logos in advertising are a common application for motion design. Understanding physics and translating it onto a flat screen is crucial for a motion designer, as it greatly impacts the quality of the motion graphics produced.

Adobe After Effects is a powerful software for motion design, offering a wide range of tools and features. When you first open the program, it may seem overwhelming, but starting with a simple 2D animation will help you get familiar with the key features. With tools like the speed graph and motion graph, you’ll have complete control over every aspect of your image, allowing you to animate even the smallest parts easily. Additionally, you can duplicate motion graphic layers to create looping animations that play endlessly. Furthermore, you can connect Photoshop to After Effects, enabling you to import existing static projects and convert them into animations.

The demand for commercial animators has significantly increased due to the growing use of animated videos in digital marketing. According to a survey, 33 percent of businesses utilize animated videos for their marketing purposes, and 87 percent of marketers have found that videos contribute to increased web traffic. As a result, there is now a higher demand for skilled UI and UX motion designers who play a crucial role in guiding users through apps and websites, influencing consumer behaviour and decision-making. Even the smallest interactions, such as loading screens and navigational menus, are meticulously crafted by UX designers.

UI motion designers play a crucial role in ensuring that the design of a website or app is user-friendly and visually appealing. They work closely with the marketing team to determine which elements should be highlighted to attract user attention, such as specific products or special offers. It is important for UI motion designers to strike a balance between promoting these elements and avoiding distractions for the user.



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