Stop Motion Teamworking Evidence

What Is Stop Motion Animation and How Does It Work?

Stop motion animation is a filmmaking technique that involves creating the illusion of movement by manipulating physical objects one frame at a time. It works by taking a series of photographs or frames, with each frame showing a small change in the position of the objects being animated. When these frames are played back in sequence, the objects appear to move on their own.

The Evolution of Ray Harryhausen’s Stop-Motion Animation

Teamworking stop motion animation process (Ella, Gabriel and Andreana)

What is Storyboard and why it is important?

A storyboard is a series of illustrations or images arranged in sequence to visually represent the scenes and actions of a story or film. Each frame in the storyboard corresponds to a specific moment in the narrative, helping to plan out the visual progression of the story and guide the overall direction of the project.

Storyboarding allowed us to visualize our ideas and concepts before filming or animating begins. This will provide a visual blueprint of the story, helping to conceptualize the scenes, compositions, camera angles, and character movements. Also, this helped us to try out different ideas, compositions, and visual styles before committing to the final version.

8 Frames Storyboard on paper (blue is Ella's)
8 Frames Storyboard on paper (green is mine and purple is Gabriel's)

Our planning

Just like any animation project, we started by brainstorming ideas and developing a concept for our stop motion animation. That involved writing a storyboard to outline the scenes, characters, and actions. Each of us had own frames to outline every scene, in order we can get the process faster. We consider the scale and style of your animation and ensure that everything is consistent. Camera angles, movements, and transitions between scenes were determined. This planning phase helped us streamline the production process and ensures that we have all the elements we need before start shooting. Our filming area was set up with improvised box from wooden blocks so it can give a stable surface for the camera. Me and Ella’s job was to arrange and move the mannequins, while Gabriel was shooting each frame on his phone. And last but not least periodically we were reviewing the footage to ensure that the animation is flowing smoothly and that there are no mistakes or inconsistencies.


Gabriel used blue tack to create hair for one of the mannequins
Mannequin with hair from blue tack
Mine and Ella's job was to pose the mannequins for each frame
Gabriel was instructing us and picturing every frame on his phone


The stop motion animation project, created in collaboration with my university colleagues Ella and Gabriel, depicts a narrative where two figurines initially meet with a high-five gesture. However, the story takes a dramatic turn as the figures engage in a conflict, ultimately leading to the demise of one character while the other spins and flies out of the picture. Through meticulous teamwork, we brought this storyline to life, showcasing our creative synergy and technical skills in stop motion animation.



Our stop motion animation project was a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity within our team. From the initial brainstorming sessions to the final frames of the animation, every step of the process was a collaborative effort.

Working together as a team brought about its own set of challenges. One of the main hurdles we faced was ensuring consistency and fluidity in the animation. Coordinating the movements of the figurines frame by frame required precision and patience. Additionally, we encountered technical challenges with lighting and camera angles, which forced us to experiment and problem-solve together.

Despite the challenges, the experience was incredibly rewarding. It allowed us to tap into our individual strengths and talents while also learning from each other. Through effective communication and compromise, we were able to bring our collective vision to life on screen.

Moreover, this project taught us valuable lessons in teamwork and perseverance. We learned the importance of clear communication, adaptability, and the willingness to collaborate and compromise for the greater good of the project.

Overall, our stop motion animation project reinforced the importance of teamwork and showed us the incredible results that can be achieved when individuals come together with a shared goal.

Stop Motion Video created and uploaded in Vimeo

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