Rob's Psychometric Test

The first task after watching a series of psychometric test videos was to complete Rob’s psychometric test based on the last video we watched of the Danish Symphony Orchestra. We had to complete the Orchestral Band Roles, noting which roles fit us best and which not at all, what we are good at and what we are not good at in this module. In general, I am a person who works well in a team and does not like to be the centre of attention and under too much stress, but I am disciplined and responsible and can take over an important role if necessary. The roles that I will be most comfortable and perform well in are choir and wood slapper, so I will stay in my comfort zone, but at the same time I will still play an important role for the overall performance, but not under as much stress as the conductor, whistle and the soprano on the balcony.

Caterpillar storyboard on paper

My caterpillar stop motion video

After watching a series of psychometric testing instructional videos, our group set about completing Rob’s psychometric assessment. Through this process we were able to identify and analyze our respective roles within the Orchestra group, shedding light on our strengths and weaknesses in this module. Each of the group was then tasked with creating a series of filmed flipbooks, with the theme revolving around a caterpillar consuming food. Drawing inspiration from the famous animation ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, each member of the group contributed to the production by demonstrating their creativity and skills. The group conductor took the lead in assigning specific animation roles and naming the project. In my case, I chose to depict a scene where my caterpillar is shown eating an apple while climbing a tree, eventually disappearing into it. I started with my storyboard first, as this is one of the most important parts when making a project. I then moved on to drawing the individual parts on small yellow papers, which I then photographed individually and assembled into a flipbook using a special app for this purpose. In conclusion, this joint venture served as a testament to the importance of teamwork, highlighting its fundamental role as a key skill set essential to our future professional pursuits.