Three Cover Designs

Three Cover Designs

                                                                First Movie Cover

I’ll start with my favourite cover, which is the movie, Ruby. One of my most watched genres of fantasy movies is about extra-terrestrials, I also like to watch documentaries about them, and anything related to cosmos in general. A combination of all these things that I like inspired me to make this cover. Ruby’s character is colourful, I didn’t want her to look scary, but at the same time she has a very devilish smile that tells us she likes to get into mischief very often.

For the mountains in the background, I again chose warm colours because they look a lot like sand dunes. Highlight is the planet that is also Ruby’s home. She ran away from there to seek an adventure. I like how Saturn’s rings merge into one place in the front and look like they’re not there.

The font I chose is Roboto and it goes well with the plot of the movie and everything. I made letters kerning quite far apart and added a glitter effect to make the title stand out. The subtitle is in the same font but much smaller.

                                                             Second Movie Cover

I already had a design of this cute dinosaur ready and decided to incorporate it into the plot of the second movie cover. It tells the story of a little boy named Danny, who is a great inventor and builds a machine to travel through time. That’s how he ends up with his new friend who tries to protect him from all evils. I made the boy look very excited about making his dream come true. With colourful clothes that make him stand out from the rest.

The colour palette I have used is earthy and pleasant and combines very well. I also included clouds, some stars and the moon.

The font I used is again different from my typographic standards. I have made small accents on the letter A with an illustrator to make it look more adventurous. For its colour, I chose it to be like the ground our heroes walk on.

                                                               Third Movie Cover

The last third cover of a film is about a couple who are walking in the forest and witness something incredible. A flying unidentified object lands a few kilometres away from them.

All this happens late at night, so the colour palette is quite dark. I made the moon shine brightly, put a lot of stars and made some of them falling for more effect.

For the couple, I used a photo of my friends from which I made these two silhouettes. I created the flying saucer with the simplest shapes in illustrator.

I wanted to find a font that was mysterious bold and completely different from the previous ones I used. This serif font immediately caught my eye because of its clean look and the interesting connection between the letters T and E, just what I needed.