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Example of the effective use of colour in Editorial Design Colour is an essential part of human-computer interaction, and similar to other elements like typography, designers should select colours with care. Fortunately, we have a colour theory that helps us select balanced and effective colour combinations. In this example of the effective use of colour,…
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Example of the effective use of composition Here we see the key element to any good composition which is a strong focal point, as it helps your eyes naturally settle on the important pieces of the design first. So, the focal point of this magazine is Cyclops and Jean Grey represent what is arguably the…
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Conceptual Design

A good example of Conceptual Design Generating the same kind of cinematic excitement as the thunderous 20th Century Fox intro the Marvel Studios logo design has been a staple of the publisher’s comic book films since 2002. The format of the logo design has remained largely unchanged over the years. But the newest version breaks…
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Good Example of the effective use of typography in online Editorial Design People typically respond to visual culture in an emotional way, so designers allow themselves to manipulate the reactions of their viewers or readers by making informed choices about design features such as colours and fonts. The application of fonts in marketing is becoming…
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