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My University Work

Rejected designs

Rejected designs My first design is basic without any fancy transitions or typography. It lacks excitement and may cause visitors to quickly exit my site. To improve user engagement, I plan to add more visually appealing elements such as parallax effect etc. This will make my site more interesting and encourage visitors to stay longer.…
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Low fidelity UI prototype

Low fidelity UI prototype This is my first low fidelity UI prototype that is on paper. In the design we can see the architecture and the content that I will include. In the second low fidelity design we have a change in structure. The search button is not located in the upper right corner, it…
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UI principles to be applied to your design

UI principles to be applied to your design Design Laws you will apply to your final design? Can you provide some basic examples of how this will work? As I finalize my design, I will apply several design laws to ensure that it is functional and aesthetically pleasing. One of the most important laws is…
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Requirements Gathering and Analysis

Requirements Gathering and Analysis Define your audience Defining my audience is a crucial step in any form of communication. Understanding who I am speaking to help me tailor my message to their needs and interests. My audience can be defined by a variety of factors. When defining the audience, it is important to consider their…
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Defining the UX for my website

Defining problem space, Usability Goals etc The most common usability issues: Inconsistency: layout, design, buttons and headers should be placed in the right place. Stopping users from going backward Too many submenus Links open in new windows Unstructured site-map   Usability problems are a common issue that many websites face. One of the most common…
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