Adobe Illustrator Self Portrait x 2

Adobe Illustrator Self Portrait x 2

  First Illustrator Portrait

The third part of my practical exam is to make two portraits of myself in illustrator. I started working on the first portrait even in our practical classes. I thought to myself that I should choose a picture that shows my character somewhat, but not completely. The photo I chose was taken on the birthday of a person dear to me. It shows how happy I am that we could celebrate this day together. It made me think about how we don’t know how much time we have on this earth, and we should cherish every single moment we spend with our loved ones. When the distance separates us, we can be more and more interested in how they are, how their day went.

With the technology we have today, this is extremely easy, and I am very grateful for that. It makes me happy, but at the same time I think about how more and more people spend their time aimlessly scrolling through apps and spend less and less time outside with their families and the people they care about. They begin to live in a fictional world where every frame is rigged to look good and lie about how perfect things are. This makes me sad and so I chose to express my sadness and anxiety with the image behind me. At one time, people whose paths diverged, life took them to different continents, even longed to hear from their loved ones even for a minute. They didn’t have the opportunity to share photos all the time, they only had cards from different places that they could send by mail and write a few lines on them. Therefore, we should appreciate the things we have today and use them in a reasonable way.

                                 Second Illustrator Portrait

For the second portrait, a photo of me again, but this time in profile. The image I made has my realistic features, but the interesting thing here is the colours I used. With them, I want to hint at how colourful my essence is, if I feel you as a person who can be of my image and reveal myself to you. This is something that few people have really felt, because in front of strangers and people I don’t like, I behave quite reserved. But once I feel that you are a good and valuable person, everything changes. I can be a very good friend, a person you can trust completely and would do anything for you.

I’ve loved nature since I was little, so I made the landscape behind me show what my hobbies and interests are. My family and I spent time in the mountains whenever we had the chance. The time spent there away from civilization can completely recharge a person, clear his head and break away from reality and all his problems. For me, mountains and forests have a healing effect on the soul. When I was little, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend my vacations with my grandparents in the Rhodope Mountains. I have wonderful memories that will warm my soul for a lifetime. In general, the time of my childhood, which I had filled with creative, interesting and at times dangerous games, cannot be returned.

The colour green predominates for a reason, it is my favourite colour regardless of the shade. This again has to do with nature and perhaps also comes from my zodiac sign, which is earthy. I also included the sun in the design, which symbolizes each new day that is given to us. In the sun I added my name written in Cyrillic, the name my family and friends call me.